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Established in 2006 by Sir Harold Kroto (1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) and Dr. Steve Acquah, and originally a science-based initiative, GEOSET has expanded over the years to encompass the arts. GEOSET has created a global database of freely accessible, on-demand educational material, which is typically presented as a dual-video window format, with presenters alongside their slideshow presentations.


The GEOSET Journal is a brand new, prestigious platform that showcases undergraduate students' exceptional research, innovation, and creativity in various interdisciplinary research fields through a hybrid format. Founded by Dr. Acquah and Divya Dubey (second-year PhD student at UMass Amherst), the GEOSET Journal continues the legacy of Sir Harold Kroto for research and outreach while promoting student success at UMass Amherst.


As a member of the Editorial Board, you will play a crucial role in curating, reviewing, and publishing high-quality manuscripts that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these disciplines. This is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the academic publishing process while fostering a deeper understanding of research methodologies.

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